We’re married…Now what?

The best marriages know the "secrets" of keeping their marriage in great shape!
If you are married, you know from experience that "getting married" is only the beginning of the project of building a life-long successful and satisfactory marriage.

In the same way that successful athletes make daily training a normal part of their lives, so successful married couples are attentive each day to healthy relationship habits. Here are some resources to help you and your spouse develop and sustain healthy marriage habits:

Marriage Moments & Parenting Pointers - A great e-news you can sign-up for.

Foundations - A Newsletter for newly married couples.

Marriage Uncensored - a web site offering lots of good stuff!

Marriage Magazine – a magazine designed to enrich & enhance your relationship.

Getting the Love You Want.com - See Harville Hendrix's materials for married couples.

Dialogue/Communication/Intimacy - These really are inter-related.

Prayer in Marriage - Worth talking about together!

Family of Origin - It is never too late to learn more about this critical topic!

Share e-mail addresses - This can be part of fidelity in marriage.

2012 Search for Love & Truth
Convocation on Marriage and Family Life

Are you married? Intending to marry? Involved in marriage ministry, religious education or youth ministry? Then you will want to attend this convocation. More information to come...